Film with a narrow film about a love legend, a cluster of light and shadow memory tells us what love is; the world's most brilliant diamonds, praise the perfect love of the world, affectionately tell love and explain the true meaning of love. When witnessing the sacred eternal love of the big fake van cleef & arpels bracelet design meets the film, romantic love blooming the most dazzling brilliance.


"Love is a fervent fanaticism, a group can not extinguish the fire ... ..." Richard Fournier interpretation of love, used in the "Great Gatsby" Gatsby in the body, exceptionally appropriate . In the eyes of Gatsby, Daisy is the embodiment of perfect love, he always maintained her first love-like fever, stubborn pursuit of revisiting the old dream. Gatsby believe that love, even seeing the apparent betrayal of love, or love for life dedicated.


Gatsby's love for Daisy, as the psychic jewelry BLUE FLAME (a new generation of blue diamond flame), has a noble external, transparent heart, long-lasting spread. A new generation of diamond blue flame, over 95 years of fake van cleef & arpels bracelet cutting revolution, is the Belgian Antwerp cutting master for human dedication of the perfect masterpiece, as the Belgian national gift presented to the Chinese government delegation. It uses the ultimate bright sparkling beyond the classic dream of burning, shining with the persistent pursuit of enthusiasm.


The rise and fall of the dynasty, will always be forgotten. The ultimate romantic love, will be generations of crazy men and women bear in mind the hearts and minds. Leonardo DiCaprio with the modern passion version of "Romeo and Juliet", won the Berlin Film Festival Best Actor Award. No matter how many rules and costs in this world, when you put a woman as a queen of hearts, you are willing to her and the whole world as enemies, Ganrujiyi!


In the kingdom of love, you are my queen. Since then, a heart only for your surrender. The psychic jewelry MY QUEEN (Queen) series, designed to commemorate the Belgian current king Philip, queen Mathilde coronation design. Two heart-shaped claw care and hold up the diamond to form a hollow heart-shaped mouth, not only to full bloom diamond fire color, but also implies the heart of two hearts eternal guardian of love.


Love may not necessarily be eternal, but secular marriage must be full of exclusivity. Therefore, a woman with her husband to marry such a replica van cleef & arpels jewelry, is indeed a concept of the impact. "Tuya's marriage" is to this life in the dilemma of humanity to conquer the glory of many judges, won the 57th Berlin International Film Festival Golden Bear Award.


If the Golden Bear Award is the Berlin Film Festival for a film's highest praise, then, psychic jewelry DESTAIME (through time and space) series diamond ring is the highest vow of love. Through the space-time series diamond ring, two drill with the blank, meaning a natural love, never separated. Although the world as a result of the two individuals to make fun of, but love will be re-woven between you, so that you once again become one through time and space, fake van cleef & arpels jewelry to give you "this life will never change heart" eternal theme.