According to British media, the prospective Princess Kate Middleton will borrow Queen Elizabeth II treasured replica van cleef & arpels jewelry hair bands, and attend April 29 wedding of Prince William, became the first British royal to wear this priceless civilians.

Queen Elizabeth II this collection of diamond headband, 1919 Queen Mary for their own tailor-made headgear, because George III was used as a crown known. Except when the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II history only herself and her mother as well as the previous royal princess married, worn the priceless diamond headband.

It is reported that the British Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Collection hair bands, although currently there has been wear and tear phenomenon, but Kate Middleton wedding day remains ready to borrow the Queen hair bands replica van cleef & arpels jewelry, as wedding decorations, if they can do so, she will became the first civilian to wear this matter.



According to British media, the famous British astrologer Penny Thornton said the quasi-British Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding April 29, was not auspicious move quite Guards and the line means, and consequences, will allow Prince William and Kate Middleton's life after marriage, often emotional crisis.

In addition, Princess Diana, Prince William will weep sapphire ring worn during his lifetime, as the engagement ring given to Kate Middleton, is not a good sign. Penny Thornton said While sapphire ring, Princess Diana will be brought into the suffering and misery, now, Kate Middleton took over this ominous replica van cleef & arpels jewelry, it is really for her to marry the future of Hou door worried.