GRAFF means that the world's most incredible gems. Absolutely unique and high quality are the main features cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry . This is definitely in the advanced custom jewelry luxury jewelry territory, GRAFF diamond is a diamond.

Even GRAFF jewelry store decoration is very luxurious and elegant, perfectly reproduce the beautiful downtown scene of the Enlightenment, the 18th century to create a feeling of decadence of Versailles, the shop door is a symbol of dignity and authority of the lion head pattern worldwide GRAFF the store has this sign.


In New York and London, GRAFF has its own cutting, grinding plants and mosaic studio, all of cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry are produced in his own studio. In GRAFF, visitors can also witness the birth of a star diamond jewelry process. First, designers will draw a good sketch on paper, the next step is marked according to the sketch to select the size and color of the diamond, then technicians will complete the creation of the solidified paraffin.


From the very creative design to perfect mosaic, each one needs many hundreds of hours of technician carefully crafted. Many technicians are skilled and trained to cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry , they have superior mosaics interpretation to the acme of perfection.


Rare collection: As its slogan "GRAFF from diamond mine has been extended to women necklace around his neck," in 1998, Laurence Graff 51 per cent of the South African Diamond Holdings Group, obtained uncut Fake van cleef clover earrings from here, then send to London and New York studios polishing process. In addition to White Diamond, GRAFF also has the world's more than 60% yellow diamonds.


Moreover, the sale of luxury Graf still keen large drill, GRAFF Venus (Golden Star, 101.28 carats), Czar Queen (Tsarina, 90.14 carats),(Golden Maharaja, 65.57 carats) and yellow Royer Terman Van Cleef Arpels Jewelry Replica(Rojtman diamond, 107.46 carats), etc. these well-known diamonds are GRAFF name.