A heavy rain faded boil the heat wave, the temperature is neither cold nor hot cool and pleasant, it is a good time to eat, you need to wash a basket of fruit to celebrate! Happy mouth and stomach, we can not wronged the eyes, replica van cleef & arpels jewelry the ears of a public organ, ah, they do not taste the fruit, we have live fruit color fruit design, so that the whole body are high up!


Jewelry designers will be groundbreaking strawberry sweet and sour turned brooch it! Shiny leaves spread out softly, the use of precious stones inlaid approach to create strawberry Hongyan attractive, the most suitable time to wear in the dating, the sweet out of a pink bubble to


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This brooch was created in 1915, has experienced a century of pearls grape is still bright and attractive, two pieces of diamonds inlaid grape leaves flashing a century of light is still bright. If the dinner with it with a dress, retro elegant and playful styling is a plus point oh.


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Vegetables refused to let the fruit of the United States in this, replica van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace have emerged to express their jewelry image is also very praise!